New Orleans Owners Enjoy High Quality when Servicing their Mercedes-Benz

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Your friends at the Mercedes-Benz of New Orleans service department provide every tool at our disposal to ensure your vehicle will perform the way it did when you first hit the road. Find a specified maintenance schedule and explore prepaid maintenance options for new and certified pre-owned models alike. Consult your vehicle’s maintenance manual on a regular basis and you’ll find invaluable operating advice, maintenance tips and service checklists that will help keep your Mercedes-Benz performing at its purest and most polished. After each 10,000-mile or 12-month interval, whichever comes first, the expert technicians at Mercedes-Benz of New Orleans can use a rigorous 27-point service checklist to keep your Mercedes-Benz running effortlessly for the next 10,000 miles.

We know that life in New Orleans, Louisiana can get busy. That’s why Express Service by Mercedes-Benz is vehicle care designed to get you in and out as fast as possible. But while your visit to the Mercedes-Benz of New Orleans service department may be brief, the service performed by our expertly trained technicians will always be comprehensive and complete. Our Mercedes-Benz service specialists go the extra mile and beyond, all to help ensure your vehicle will be running right for many miles to come. Since life in South Louisiana moves fast, Express Service by Mercedes-Benz was developed with your time in mind.

Mercedes-Benz Service New Orleans LA

Help is on the Way

If your Mercedes-Benz runs into trouble in New Orleans, our 24/7 Roadside Assistance quickly springs into action. Your Mobile App transmits your vehicle’s location, model and color, as well as lets you track our Roadside Technicians’ progress to your location. As a Mercedes-Benz of New Orleans customer, you get to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having “on-call” help available 24 hours a day. Dispatching of Mercedes-Benz technicians is a standard that has long set us apart from other luxury car makers, and a perk that our South Louisiana customers certainly appreciate.

The Mercedes-Benz 24-Hour Roadside Assistance Program provides the help you need when you need it the most, whether it’s servicing a flat tire, performing a jump start in the event of a dead battery or providing a few gallons of fuel should you accidentally run out. Owners of eligible Mercedes-Benz vehicles simply need contact us via the Roadside Assistance 800 number (1-800-367-3672 – press 1 for Roadside Assistance). Alternatively, if you have the innovativembrace® feature, simply push the Wrench Button overhead and anmbrace® operator will transfer you over to a Roadside representative for assistance. Should your vehicle experience a mechanical issue or be involved in an accident in New Orleans, Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance will arrange for a tow at no charge for all eligible Mercedes-Benz vehicles. In the unfortunate event of an accident, the Certified Collision Center at Mercedes-Benz of New Orleans will ensure that your vehicle is repaired using only Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts. Certified Mercedes-Benz Collision Centers provide the added peace of mind in knowing that your vehicle’s repairs will be made with deft precision. Using only Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts for repairs, our technicians are able to restore your vehicle as close to its pre-accident condition as possible.

We strive to keep your luxury car looking its sharpest in the fastest time possible. Our factory-trained automotive technicians have been taught to fix your cosmetic damaged wheels, chipped windshields and minor interior damage with speed, ease and cost-effectiveness. To own a Mercedes-Benz in New Orleans, Louisiana is to take pride in its timeless design and effortless style. But regardless of the care you take in maintaining the appearance of your vehicle, we understand that sometimes damage simply can’t be avoided. Whether it’s a rock chip, a spill, a sharp object piercing the interior, a wheel making contact with the curb, seasonal hazards like road grime or salt attacking your rims, the expert team at Mercedes-Benz of New Orleans has the solution for whatever your problems happen to be.

Quality Parts you can Trust

Owning a Mercedes-Benz in New Orleans, Louisiana means never having to settle for anything less than the best. So you can breathe a little easier knowing that the quality and craftsmanship we put into making your vehicle is the same as what we put into both our new and re-manufactured parts. Quality doesn’t simply reside in how well a part functions at the get-go. It’s a function of how well that same part performs over time. Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts endure because they’re engineered specifically for your car and fit like no other parts can. They’re specifically engineered to work with the other parts and systems of your Mercedes-Benz vehicle, and they’re made with the finest materials available. Using only Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts affords New Orleans drivers measurable differences with every mile that they travel. Longevity, safety and warranty are just a few of the many reasons we recommend that you buy Genuine Parts from the Mercedes-Benz of New Orleans parts department.

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