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Mercedes-Benz of New Orleans Simplifies Financing

What is more exciting than the possibility of driving home in a new Mercedes-Benz? These luxurious vehicles deliver performance, design, and elegance in spades, and at Mercedes-Benz of New Orleans, we do everything we can to ensure our customers experience the excellence of Mercedes-Benz. Proudly serving New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner, and the surrounding areas, we strive to exceed our customer’s expectations at Mercedes-Benz of New Orleans. This attitude extends across each department, which means you don’t need to be intimidated by the prospect of securing financing on your purchase. Our finance managers approach each customer’s financial situation individually and craft a loan package specific to your needs. We are dedicated to making the process of getting a loan on your vehicle as simple as possible.

First Class Financing® Expedites the Financing Process

Mercedes-Benz of New Orleans seeks to optimize convenience and comfort in your pursuit of purchasing a new Mercedes-Benz, and our First Class Financing® program does just that. Firstly, we offer flexible terms so that you get a loan package that compliments your personal needs. Secondly, we offer European delivery, which means you can get your new Mercedes-Benz in Germany and receive a tour of the Mercedes-Benz plant. Afterwards, you are free to tour Europe as you please. Thirdly, retail balloon financing allows you to defer a large portion of the retail financing payment to the end of the term for lower monthly payments overall. This gives you greater flexibility, and even provides you with a variety of options at the end of your term, too. Finally, Auto Pay enables you to have your payments deducted directly from your checking account so you don’t have to worry about monthly check writing. First Class Financing® has made acquiring financing on your vehicle easier than ever.

First Class Lease® Delivers Maximum Flexibility to the Customer

The First Class Lease® program helps the customer customize terms on their lease that fit their exact driving profile. You can set your annual mileage allowance to reflect the amount of driving you do, so if you don’t drive much you can reduce your monthly payments. At the end of your lease, you can return your vehicle, extend your current lease, or buy it outright. You can make a lump-sum payment up front on your lease as well, so you can eliminate monthly payments. The options you have with this program are extensive, and our finance managers will work with you to find what financing path is right for you.

Financing With Mercedes-Benz of New Orleans

We want our customers’ experience with us to be smooth at Mercedes-Benz of New Orleans, which is why we provide our customers with a number of services to enhance the convenience of the financing process. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us or come in to personally speak with our friendly finance managers. We look forward to connecting you with a new Mercedes-Benz on finance terms that suit you!

Benefits of Financing with MBFS

Benefits of Leasing

The Mercedes-Benz Financial Services First Class Lease® program is a low-cost way of driving a Mercedes-Benz. Consider the following:

  • Little or no down payment required and no up-front sales tax payment (in most states).
  • Leasing is a low-cost way of driving a Mercedes-Benz. You only pay for the portion of the vehicle you use. And leasing may offer tax advantages if the vehicle is for business purposes (please consult your tax advisor).
  • A lower payment means more disposable income for other investments.
  • Whether you drive 7,500 miles, 20,000 miles, or anywhere in between, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services’ First Class Lease® can be customized to meet your specific needs while lowering your monthly payment. Our High Mileage lease option provides an extra 5,000 miles per year for a total annual allowance of 20,000 miles. Or, if you currently drive less than 10,000 miles per year, our Ultra Low Mileage lease may be right for you with only 7,500 miles/year. For more information on these special lease options, speak to Mercedes-Benz of New Orleans.
  • Leasing means there is no hassle with trading-in or selling your vehicle. We take the risk of the resale value at the end of the lease and provide you with a set purchase option.

Benefits of Buying

Purchasing your Mercedes-Benz could be one of the wisest business decisions you can make. Consider the following:

  • A Mercedes-Benz has a higher than average resale value and in buying, you are building equity toward ownership.
  • You can sell your Mercedes-Benz at any time, on your own terms.
  • When you buy, the required insurance limits for liability and property damage are usually lower than when you lease.
  • You can modify your car any way you like with non-factory accessories. Modifying a leased car is not permitted, unless they are retailer-installed, factory-approved options.

Benefits of Balloon Financing

Balloon Financing combines the privileges of ownership with the benefits of leasing:

  • You own the vehicle and have most of the same benefits as traditional financing.
  • The monthly payments are less than traditional financing thus providing more monthly disposable income.
  • Good for customers interested in tax depreciation (please consult your tax advisor).
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