Let Mercedes-Benz of New Orleans Show You Why the 2018 E-Class Defies All Expectations

July 3rd, 2017 by

Mercedes-Benz has been on the forefront of automotive engineering since 1926, and every one of their vehicles exudes the passion and pride that their designers and engineers pour into their work. The all-new 2018 E-Class near New Orleans is no exception, shattering current conceptions of what the modern luxury sport-sedan means. Brimming with intuitive driving technologies, the 2018 E-Class is so far ahead of the curve, automakers will be attempting to emulate its innovative appeal for years to come, and Mercedes-Benz of New Orleans wants to show you what all of the buzz is about.

Innovation Beyond Measure

The automotive industry is in the midst of massive transition brought on by the advancement of technology. Cars today contain computer systems that are smarter, and often better drivers than the average automobile owner, but at Mercedes-Benz it’s always been about creating the best car for the driver, not the other way around. As such, the advancements in the 2018 E-Class are all about making a better driver’s car, from convenience and ease of use to safety. The 2018 E-Class features the first-of-its-kind technology known as Car-To-X, which allows the car to communicate to a central, cloud-based source of information, along with other similarly equipped E-Class models to provide updates about inclement weather and traffic slowdowns to the driver in real-time. But let’s say the updates weren’t enough, and that a collision is imminent; the Pre-Safe system puts the driver first. The Pre-Safe Sound is activated, emitting a harmless “pink noise” frequency through the speakers that activates the body’s stapedius reflex, allowing your middle-ear a chance to shield you from the potentially damaging noise of a collision. If the source of impact occurs on the side of the vehicle, Pre-Safe Impulse quickly inflates the side bolster, shifting you towards the center of the car and reducing the load taken by your body. However, to help keep you from any unforeseen collisions, the 2018 E-Class features the Drive Pilot system, a smart cruise control that can accelerate and decelerate with traffic, as well as switch lanes by simply touching the indicator lever.

Masterful Design

As with all Mercedes-Benz automobiles, the features and layout of the interior work together to feel like a living, breathing work of art. The seats are contoured to match the muscles of the body, so you’re not sitting in the vehicle, you’re being held by it. Sustainably-sourced woods add to the richness of the cabin, accented by a 64-color LED ambient lighting system for a truly regal experience. The Command navigation system coupled with the touchpad controller in the center console allow you to twist, tap, and even handwrite your way through live traffic, 3D maps, and search engines. Two smartphone-level touchpads located at 9 and 3 on the steering wheel give you complete control over the 12.3-inch display in the center console with the right thumb, and the gauges and settings with the left; all without taking your hands off of the wheel.

Next-Generation Intelligence Meets Heart-Racing Performance in the 2018 E-Class near New Orleans

Gone are the days of having to make the choice between the intellectual and the athlete; the 2018 E-Class near New Orleans delivers world-class Mercedes-Benz capability, wrapped in cutting-edge technology. The Air Body Control system adaptively uses compressed air to stabilize the frame of the vehicle, so the ride is silky smooth for commutes to soccer practice as well as back-road rips. And for the perfect cornering experience, the 2018 E-Class features Active side-bolsters, keeping the driver firmly planted at the helm. The Dynamic Select system lets you choose the performance characteristics of your E-Class on the fly; whether it be Eco mode, sport mode or a custom-designed configuration, the full might of the turbocharged, 9-speed engine is at your disposal. The 2018 E-Class is luxury, innovation, and performance without compromise; visit Mercedes-Benz of New Orleans to get yours today!

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